66 Polara 500 VIN location?

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Jan 8, 2014
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Hey guys, the FSM says that the VIN for this car is located on the driver side door post up by the hinges.The owner says there is nothing there. Could it be anywhere else on the car? Stamped in stub frame or firewall or anywhere else on body? I Can't buy a vehicle without a VIN and do anything with it up in Maine.Thanks

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No, that is the only VIN on a 66
Certi-Card & Broadcast sheet can match the data plate to the car but that is the only VIN

Thanks Alan, turns out the guy was looking in all the wrong places.Hopefully will have it by tonight.
Well, I got the VIN but I am more confused than ever. It is DL23C66163133. The car I am going to purchase is definitely a Polara 500 2d hardtop. Was told engine was a 383 2bbl.Has bucket seats and console in white...original to the car. VIN says plain Polara, low price, special order six cylinder. Is it possible that there are such large discrepancies between VIN and actual car. I will not know if the rivets are original or not 'til I get down there.

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A 383-2 would be a G code he probably just read it as a C. The G font on the VINs can be hard to read.
Does anybody know if it is possible for a Polara 500 to be an "L" code?
It should be. It is a Polara, and they were the cheap model. The 500 package was an option.
The G code was a bit tough to decipher quickly on my '66.
G code can be either a 2 or 4 barrel 383 in that year.
The fender tag will tell you which engine you have. 62 is the 4 barrel, 61 is the 2bbl.
A 500 should have bucket seats but all Polaras have the L code.
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Thanks guys...going down Friday to strap it to the trailer and bring it home.
Polara 500 should have a 1 under the F letter code.

My cars fender tag.

What a disappointment! Seller was a total liar and completely misrepresented the car to me.I would not have taken it home if he had given it to me for free.If this shows up in Massachusetts again....beware!
It might have broken in half getting on the trailer....no thanks!