67 Fury lower control arms with bushings/power steering pump and gearbox


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Sep 20, 2023
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Looking for lower control arms with bushings for my 67 Fury 3. In addition, I also need a power steering pump with pulley and gearbox. Pictures are of what I have now. I tried to get a gearbox new and it will not fit in car, per my mechanic. Also, wanted to find some that rebuilt the gearbox and pump if its possible.

Someone help me!!!


The bushing in the lower control arm pivot is replaceable. Just need the press and equipment to do the situation.

Where was the steering gear sourced from? What was the alleged reason it would not fit correctly? Just curious. A new/reman gearbox might need to be "centered" per the factory service manual. Free download at www.mymopar.com .

Probably has to be from the '66-'73 model years of C-body cars? There are some rebuilders which other members have had good luck with. Perhaps they will relate their experiences?

Just some thoughts,

Thanks for the information. Actually I purchased the steering box from an AutoZone, but I think that the person working on car did not understand that about mopars. I was told that the gearbox was too short and would not attach to the steering column correctly. The steering gearbox and pump are leaking which is causing the car to still operate and drive but a puddle each morning.

I also have a 69 Fury, which I had the original gearbox sent off to Redhead Steering but after rebuilding the gearbox it still has a lot of slack in the steering. I am told that I need to adjust the gearbox to take the slack out.

Sir, I am almost needing to become an apprentice with an oldhead that works on Mopars and become an expert. Also, the mechanic is charging $600 to replace steering box and gearbox. Is that about the time it should take.....$130 hour labor rate.
Appreciate the information. I will look at adjusting the gearbox to take slack out. My coupler is brand new however I was told to get Borgeson conversion from Bergman Auto Craft?