68 Polara Rewire Ammeter


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Dec 17, 2023
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Hi! I'm in the process of eliminating the mess caused by the Ammeter. So far I've ran a 10 Ga. wire from the alternator to the battery with a 100 amp maxi fuse proir to the battery. I plan on replacing the ammeter wiring through the bulkhead. I suppose I have to if I want the accessories to have power. I'm thinking of fusing these two wires with 30 amp fuses and using 12 Ga. wire all the way into the fusebox or wherever makes best sense. I realize, I must also connect together the two wires at the gauge. I'm looking for any advice, pitfalls, etc. on this.
It is best to use fusible links.
Plus a factory shop manual for wiring diagrans.
They can handle any " spikes" where a fuse will trip out.
Also, there are splices within the harness behind the bulkhead.
When bypassing the bulkhead make sure you power up those splices.
Bypassing the ammeter has been discussed before..
Underhood Ammeter Bypass
Hope this helps.