6th Annual C Body Show

The event is typical to any car show. Pop up tents are permitted, but there are plenty of trees on the grounds at Volo where we park for the show, so I can't remember too many people putting up their tent. Oh, and remember to bring your own chairs. There will be a registration tent that I will have set up when you arrive.
As for the food, the museum has a little restaurant inside the premises if you want to order something, however around noon I always have a local company bring in the food/soda/chips for all attendees. There is no cost for the catered food for any registered attendees. You'll get a food ticket when you sign in at the registration tent for each person in your party. (This is the main reason I need to keep track of the number of people that will in attendance)
If you want to have a beer, I can't stop you from bringing your own beverage, but only just ask that if anyone does, to behave responsibly. Koozies are recommended. :p
The museum closes at 5pm, and we will need to pack up and leave by then or soon after. We typically have an "after show" party at one or two places where there's always somebody with a case or two of cold ones for plenty of alcohol consumption.
The only thing the museum really frowns on is selling car parts on their premises since they have building full of consignments.
The C Body Show will not have a swap meet. However, feel free to make arrangements with another person who will be attending the show for a sales transaction, for yourself or for someone you have agreed to pick up parts for at the show which have already been purchased, there shouldn't be any issues. (I know this has occurred at almost every show in the past without any problems)
There are hotels and restaurants in the area, as well as big box stores and gas stations are nearby.
All in all, this location has been the favorite of location of any previous C Body Shows, and the #1 reason we are back at Volo for 2022.
And boy howdy there was a guy in moparts peddling volo hardcore today!
A month & a 1/2 away till the show and 39 cars have been registered.
Be sure to sign up if you're coming to Volo this year. For those I sent emails to be sure to respond back when you get a chance.
Thanks everyone!
Hi, as far as motels, we've looked and it appears that Antioch area is the best, especially if your attending the fox lake show on sunday. Any other comments will be appreciated. mike

What are you bringing?
I will be bringing two Chryslers this year (with @Ripinator 's help) after bringing two fuselage Dodge C-bodies last year (Medina and Regina, with @73Coupe 's help):

1. Buttercup, my 1972 NYB 2dr -- she is ready for Volo after getting a 3-spoke steering wheel (correct for a 1972 NYer/Newport and a 1973 Newport/NYer/NYB but not for a '72 Brougham, as a rim low was standard on the latter) and her horn reconnected this month, and a recored 1972 police radiator last month; @71Polara383 will be stress-testing BC in this week's heat wave, but I expect that she is good to go;

2. my 1970 300 TNT 'vert -- @david hill has cleared her for service, and she performed beautifully last month.
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Hey, you could always bring some of those foreign exchange students with you like you did for last year's CATL.
They can drive your Dodges.
My fury is running and in my garage out here. Laundry list of stuff to fix but nothing that would keep it from the show.
Make sure you do the "after show" burnout contest.
Location TBD.
Haven't seen your Fury in like 20 years, will be nice to see it again!
I'm not going to dig too far into it before the show so as to not find anything I don't like :lol:

I do have an oil leak that might be the driver's turbo return, can't tell. Doesn't appear to be coming from the engine itself.
A leak or two is fine...I'm thrashing to get this "parts wagon" into good enough shape to make the 2 hour trip