June 24th, 2023 - 7th Annual C Body Show at Volo


Getting a bath before the road trip.
I'm pretty confident the C Body Show tomorrow will likely be the largest gathering we've had since it all started in back in 2017.
The forecast looks promising as well, considering the last 3 years we dealt with intermittent weather. https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/volo/60073/daily-weather-forecast/338079

As of now, there are over 40 vehicles registered for the show tomorrow. I personally know of another 10 that haven't registered that will ultimately put us over the elusive 50+ vehicle count total.
When looking at the types of vehicles that will be attending, the Chrysler models are leading the pack. There will probably be as many wagons at the show this year as there will be Polara convertibles. There will be a decent showing of Imperials and Furys as well.
Again, these assumptions are just based on what I know of the attendance so far.
Who knows how many more will arrive from the posts that have been made on FB by Wyatt and others, as well as from the additional promotions that have been made by the Volo Auto Museum. (I did a Googly search, and this event is showing up in all kinds of places)

A couple of reminders I want to make when you arrive at the show.
1) Be sure to register at the pop-up tent. It is important everyone does this, whether of not if you have registered for the show on-line.
When you register at the tent, you will be given a ticket you'll need to hold on to.
2) Keep your Ticket.
The ticket will have 2 purposes: A: Your Food Ticket and B: The raffle drawings.
Just show your ticket when you get your food. You will need to keep the ticket after you get your food, as it will have numbers on it that will be read out later in the day when the matching numbers are called out at raffle drawing when raffle prizes are given away.

As mentioned-above, the museum is promoting this show in several places, all of which I don't know of, but I'd expect there will be a bunch of spectators coming to the show to see our cars/wagons. Some of their regular visitors my wander over the C Body Show too.

Going back to the importance of keeping your ticket, what I'm trying to say is, Your Ticket is Your Meal Ticket and Your Prize Ticket.
The food that is being brought in around noon is for the registered attendees, not for the spectators coming to the show/visiting the museum.
One last reminder: Let's get the Group Picture this Year. Don't let me forget.
Maybe Xenon can charge up his drone and take some cool aerial shots this year like he did a few years ago.

As everyone knows, the museum will close at 5:00pm. We will need to leave by then.
Some will be coming to my shop afterwards, with the possibility of making a pit stop on the way over.
I have the fridge stocked for the after-show-party. (sorry, no Bud Light)


Looking forward to having a great time.
See everybody tomorrow and drive safe.
Hello Tim
I was hoping to hit the road this morning. The stars didn't line up.
I'm hoping to make the trip next year.
I pat you on the back for your effort
Landed at the motel 11pm friday night..
Very happy with Grace..if you overlook her drinking problem!! Lol!!