WANTED 71 Fury Bucket seats

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Apr 5, 2019
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Long island ny
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I know this is a long shot. But I'm looking for bucket seats for my 71 Fury. I would prefer fair condition on frames and back but they will be recovered anyways to match my Paisley. Im not looking for low backs or with adjustable headrest . I'm located in Suffolk County NY Long Island so closer would be better. I would cover shipping too preferable via Fastenal. Pics of similar.


Do you believe the vinyl top material to be the same for the seats?

And is this material still available to purchase?

I only ask all of this because I am looking for a 71 Gran Coupe 4dr and knowing the material is still available would allow me to expand my search.

Could you post a picture of the bench seat you are looking at replacing please?

Thanks and during my trawl through central VA's yards, I will look out for a pair.
I want to say I got the material from SMS. I'm not sure if it is the same or not ,pattern looks correct. I would think the seat material would be a little thinner maybe but then probably this vinyl will be a little more durable (hopefully). I only bought it maybe 2 years ago so I would think it's still available.
I'll have to snap a pic next time I'm in the garage, all I have is video that won't load.
Thank you, appreciate it. Happy hunting
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