727 AT Torque Converter for a 72 Fury station wagon

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    Sep 10, 2015
    Hi there C Body Family,
    So- I have a 72 Fury station wagon. Automatic transmission, 727 but my transmission is dead. The original tranny lost the reverse band but the guy I bought it from never fixed it. Instead- he bought another 727, switched trannies but the replacement was entirely dead so given the original 727 was in the trunk as I received the wagon- I plan to have it rebuilt by a professional transmission shop but since the torque converter is still in the tranny installed in the wagon- I have no clue what type, model, etc. of torque converter that would have been stock with a 72 Fury with 360 V8 engine. The rear end is open ( no posi ) but it does have a trailer hitch.
    I'm sure the transmission shop will have a better idea of what converter to use but was curious if there were variations for torque converters per the different engine/tranny/rear end combinations that could have been ordered from the factory.

    Looking forward to any help that may be out there.

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    Mar 27, 2017
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    If you are planning to rebuild the transmission, the torque convertor will be replaced with a rebuilt unit anyway, so do not lose any sleep over that. The transmission shop can reference the serial number on the stock transmission and find the correct convertor. You will need to have a core convertor to turn in for a rebuilt unit or pay a core charge. Most 360 engines from '72 had an A-904 transmission, so you would need to be sure which transmission is actually in the car. For station wagons used for towing, a popular switch was the A-727 truck transmission that was used on the later 360 2wd pickups. Attached is a photo of the respective pans on the A-727 and A-904 units for quick ID. Click on Mail 0005 not the icon.


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    The trans shop will get you a stock converter unless you need or want something with higher stall speed. Unless the engine is modified the stock converter is fine. There are quite a few places that rebuild stock units. The shop will have resources to get one.