For Sale Chrysler 300 ragtop in New Albany, IN (claimed to be a 375HP 440)

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Jan 30, 2012
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Not mine. Dunno if this is the right area to post, but here goes.

I found this car while looking for something else. It was seemingly last advertised in February of this year. I have tried to contact the seller, which I understand to be (or have been) Les' Cars and Trucks, but the (812) office line has been disconnected, the website does not work, and the public FB page suggests it is permanently closed. The (502) cell line still rings but it leads to an answering machine without a greeting.

Did anyone see this car a few months back, and/or have an idea off where it went? The fact that it was supposedly a HP 440 car is what piqued my interest, though the seller's listing makes me a bit suspicious:

"A 1970 Chrysler Newport 300 convertible with a 440375 and automatic transmission. Needs a complete restoration. Runs and drives. All glass is good. Great bumpers and all exterior trim is in excellent condition. Still has a good body and the rust is not too bad. Good steering wheel and dash. 81,405 mis. Plenty to work with. BEST OFFER! To see more photo's visit our web address @"

I just looked at that website and could not find this car. Without pictures and more info, caveat emptor!
I saw that same listing about 3 years ago. Can it still be for sale? If so, it must be a real pile..........................
I suspect not, and that the "Feb. 2019" listing is a dredged-up reprint. Did you by any chance get the VIN or more info?
No, I did not as I was not really interested in buying it at the time. When a listing says it needs complete restoration and the vehicle is from Indiana, I tend to run away................................
My interest at this stage, given your info, is mainly for the last convertibles registry :)
I really despise those weird classified “clearing house sites”. I saw this a while back too and wondered about it. I don’t really want a ‘vert but it was close and looked ok. I saw the bridge in the background and knew the exact spot. I went and scoped it out and the well as the Chrysler were gone.

A similar site had a probably long ago sold and nice ‘71 Fury four door HT with a water pump or timing chain job that had been interrupted years ago at a very fair price.
Not surprised at all anymore when I see those ads that never seem to go away years later.
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