Dr. Frankenmorris and His Dead C Bodies

Yes the 3/4 plywood it's a little rough I'm pouring a 24×24 slab next year for my other projects.

Might do the same, though I hate leaving a good slab to the bloodsuckers who own this dirt I rent. My neighbor offered to do the grunt work.
Good work Mr. Morris and your assistant is as cute as a button!:thumbsup:

Yes, she and her Big Sissa, aged 6 can really flood a place like a convenience store with high wattage Cuteness! I get money and free merchandise all the time when they do so. I PLANNED for the Cuteness, actually some years before meeting my Balkan Bride, after carefull reading and thought lead me to conclude that Cuteness is a STRONG evolutionary suit! Both of my Little Imps likely will inherit my +140 IQ also. Darija, my 6 yr old, reads at a 4th grade level already, and started counting as high as 100 before age 2.

Still, CUTENESS is The Card. Brains get punished here, if not well hidden or grossly prostituted. I thank God every morning for these Little Gifts from Him. I prayed exactly for the wife I got too. Enough of my biography here though.

Replaced bad damper successfully with 1968 one numbered 2658-457 . Also, with the hour growing late decided to exclude the mechanical radiator cooling fan. Gertrude ran fine this morning, sans temperature issues and she ran nice and smooth too. Will probably re-install the heavy 7 blade monster when the weather warms up this spring. NOW to verify my actual gear ratio and either get a proper pinion gear for THAT, or just pull the one off Mathilda over. I mean to transplant the nice new rear springs from Mathilda in a couple weeks anyway, so doing the rear end will be fine also. I KNOW the rear brakes are GOOD with that one too, though these seem alright for now. Wife wants me to get rid of the brake booster too.....

Thursday, 12-09-21, Morning warm-up proceeds several minutes quicker without the mech fan, as expected, saving a cup or so of petrol and making for a comfortable ride in the chill. As soon as the car starts moving, the coolant temperature drops, the thermostat closes back up, the cooling fan switch opens as it was designed to and Gertrude moves along at temperatures between ~ 165F-200 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimum temperature window for driving a Mopar B/RB engine. I hope to spray primer the hood today before inclement weather arrives tonight, replace the hood to protect the motor from the elements AND optimize air flow around the engine.
So this runs cool without a fan?

YES! Mind you, I have an ELECTRIC pusher fan still on the front of the radiator AND it's now the COOL Season here in Southern Az. I've known since 2003 that one can run these engines without a big mechanical salad chopper in front of the engine, so long as one has SOMETHING to force enough air past the radiator vanes. I think the usual figure given for head-on wind speed cooling is 40 MPH. The radiator quality becomes decisive too. I'm using this old 3 row 2524984 radiator, which was meant to cool B/RB engines at high altitude, with AC, automatic transmission, towing and anything else a 1965 driver might encounter. A re-core job for this one goes at $600-$1000. I normally would have just bought an aluminum substitute, but the supply chain crisis has become SO BAD, that I was forced to drag this antique out of the locker, repair it and use it. I'M VERY GLAD I DID NOW TOO!!!

If you don't have something so good, then you're going to spend top dollar for a good radiator now. Given the poor quality of chinese aluminum, I'm now not so keen on some of these aluminum radiator vendors. I found out that the REAL reason Cold Case won't make a proper version of the 22"x18" radiator to replace mine is that the sino corporation who makes their stuff doesn't want to be bothered with it! I say go to Frank Watson (ECP | No Gimmick Cooling) if you want a good buy on an aluminum radiator. Still, he depends on foreign aluminum too, but does more in the States, and for a more reasonable price.