NOT MINE EBAY 67 Sport Fury convertible, blue-blue, 'I feel that my price of $9,500 is very realistic '

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Mar 30, 2013
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I am posting this for the right guy on FCBO, whomever you might be. If you're wanting a 67 SF 'vert to restore, this could be 'the one' if the underside is solid and if you can get it a little cheaper.

Seller has it listed as a 1970, which is obviously wrong. I remember seeing this seller before, as they state all their cars are reasonably priced and they give very little text info on the car. (I have no feelings about this seller either way) I contemplated sending a message to inform them that it was a 1967, but then I saw somethign else and decided to post it here for our review first, in case one of us wants to benefit from the situation.

In addition to being the wrong year, the seller has somehow missed that this is a 440 Super Comando car (VIN code L) and that it possibly has the original engine. Photos of the VIN show L, while the info in the ad says 318. All that we can see from the pics are HP manifolds, and the extra cast-in boss that verifies it as an RB block. Perhaps the chrome VCs are original, as they do not look to be aftermarket. It seems to have a newer radiator and brake booster, so those might be good signs that it was running in recent years. Although the radiator is obviously for a cast-crank engine with the later-style water housing. The lower radiator hose crosses from the driverside to the passenger side of the radiator. Presumably part of that is the shrould is on upside down. But it's a good sign that the engine has the correct water housing on it.

VIN is: PH27L74142844

Their description, which is only the 1st 2 lines, the rest is dealer crap.
You are looking at a 1970 Plymouth Fury Convertible...This is a V8 car with automatic transmission and a new-ish very nice top. The car has a little damage on the front passenger side. I feel that my price of $9,500 is very realistic for a classic vehicle like this one with the potential that this vehicle has. We offer a 90 day lay away on many of our vehicles. Just break the cost of the vehicle into 4 equal payments 30 days apart, and then you can take possession of the vehicle. If you need long term financing, contact Debbie at Woodside Credit Union. Her number is 855-202-5148. Another excellent lending company is . Just tell either of them that you are looking at a vehicle at Classic Cars of SC. I might consider a possible trade, what do you have? What are you looking for? Lets talk!!! I sure would love to make this Classic yours. What can I do to make that happen? If this Classic is the vehicle of your dreams then the best time to buy it is BEFORE someone else does. NOW is the time. The customer who MAY have looked at it yesterday and said I will buy it tomorrow MAY come back and buy it today while you are waiting to buy it tomorrow. Do not wait another minute. Give me a call right NOW so we can make this beauty yours. RIGHT NOW. You will be GLAD that you did!!! We are located in the north western part of South Carolina 20 minutes south east of Greenville 100 miles SW of Charlotte and 150 miles NE of Atlanta. Drop by any time and take a stroll through our Field of Dreams. You may just find that car of your dreams. I hope to see you soon. Give me a call at 1-855-202-5148 so we can talk person to person about this making this car yours. We ship all over the world at your expense. We always have dozens and dozens of collector cars available for sale at all times. Visit Classic Cars of S.C. Inc. online at to see photos of this vehicle and photos of many of our other vehicles. We ship all over the world. I hope you have a Blessed day and I hope to see you soon.

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Aside from the front fender damage, I'm digging this car the more I look at it.
The front bumper looks like it could be straightened with some DIY ingenuity.
Both sides look quite straight and ding-free under that crappy paint.
The lower rear quarters look original, although the driverside looks like it's pulled out near the bumper.
5 of 6 rear lenses are in pretty decent shape, and they all align really well.
Someone put matching wheels on it in the past. Stainless caps and copcar wheels are always a sign of some sort of love.
Seatcovers look serviceable, and no foam-crumbs on the carpet.
Doorpanels need some work, but looks like the vinyl is still usable, could be lovingly installed onto new hardboard?

My concern is the rust on the panel above the gauges and the rust-bleed onto the gauges - signs of a car that leaks water.
It's very noticeable in the closeup pic of the gauges, where the odometer shows 28086 in VERY nicely aligned numbers. (could it be original?)
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Ya that interior rust is something to cause you to really look at it.
Nice 2x4 adaptor for that upside down shroud
Dealer guy is insane... but he does have a make offer/lets talk (horse trader)... by the time this one gets fully restored (if it ever does) I most likely won't be sucking oxygen anymore so I'm out lol.

To me, one's gotta visit the car and verify the engine and see if it turns over.
See how much sheetmetal is original/virgin.

If that passes, IMO it's a ~$6500 car if they still think it's a 318, maybe $7500 if they've figured out what it is.
After that, for my M.O., it's a get-drivable/polish-what's-there proposition. Next guy could go nuts with it.
Oh I just saw another 'vert on FB that's even worse, I think the only saving grace was it was a BB 383, but with the Fred Flintstone floors it was way beyond the saving and the multi thousand dollar want.
I think the only sales pitch would be the date coded engine block.

L code 440 vert...VERY RARE!!
Worth getting and restoring as only a handfull were made.
Yes the chrome valve covers were 1 year only on the Super Commando 375 horse 440.
Just keep the seller believing its a 318.....