EFI in '77 Chrysler Newport

Rick T

May 28, 2019
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Lackawanna NY
Our family pet c-body Chrysler "Thelma" (named after Thelma Houston) was the recipient of a Holley Sniper EFI setup on top her 400ci engine last summer. I had been fighting with the Thermoquad (and even a rebuilt Thermoquad) for too many years - I'd had enough. Of course the upgrade led me to replace the starter, blast and paint the manifold and replace the rocker cover and pan seals. It was a fun little project and I recommend it. That omnipresent kick-down choke and cough are gone and now I don't fear pulling out into traffic and feathering the accelerator from a light or muggy days are no longer anxieties. Life for Thelma is better and I driver her more. She's sleeping for the winter but in the season my wife even takes her to work and the kids enjoy rides in her. The EFI install saved our relationship.

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I did the same thing. 78 New Yorker 440
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