Engine casting number top pad


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Dec 31, 2017
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The top pad on my motor is reading 6t440 and what looks to be like 1027 below it its very worn as you can see in the pic below not sure if there are other #’s there that are just worn off completely looking for any info as to where there might be another location for this number ? Or is this the only place My research thus far ( Newby to the numbers game ) is telling me this is a 1976 440 built in Trenton

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There are a couple of "stamp" and "cast" number threads in here. There is a date code stamp elsewhere. The front pad, from I've read in the FSM, is more like the "machining information" for the engine, as there are a few other stamp symbols that have other meanings, too. But the casting date is elsewhere will define the model year the engine could have been placed into. Remember that the 440 began in 1966, too.

The casting number will define the particular block casting as to the design-bore diameter, displacement, and such. The stamp codes define how the block is machined. BOTH can relate to model year of use, in their own way. Plus the date code of when the block was cast.

The prior threads are very graphic in where the date code(s) and casting numbers are located and what they look like.

That’s a cast crank based on the “E” after the 440.
6T definitely makes this a 1976 440 for sure, you will find the casting date on the left side of the block toward the top. A VIN number can be found stamped into the side of the block on the edge of the pan rail area on the left side too.