Engine Color

Also IF it's a real driver we Always paint the aluminum heads.


We've beat this to death in other threads. IMHO, part of the confusion might be that there's both a blue and a turquoise. Turquoise was used up until 1969(?) on some engines. @halifaxhops made this chart, which I think is pretty accurate.

I can tell you from personal experience that the Duplicolor turquoise isn't even close for my '65 413... Way too blue. And that's too bad because I really like the Duplicolor engine paint. I'm going to order some Bill Hirsch paint for my car.


Here's a short video that was made for the 300 club. It shows the Bill Hirsch paint matching that turquoise paint that was OEM. BTW, Bob is the guy I bought my 300L from and is very knowledgeable about these things. He's not as exciting in person as he is in the video.

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to further confuse things ...yes the Hirsch paint i got was very green like the video...as a matter of fact when i called Hirsch that is the video they sent me to prove they were right...but it didnt match the original color of the 68 engines i had...guy in the video says its correct up to 65...so for the original poster's 65 thats what i'd use...i think 66-68 had a slightly bluer color than the Hirsch paint, which was more inline with the mopar performance turquoise paint...maybe it varied by assembly plant....obviously not talking about the later corporate blue, thats a whole other thing
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