Epic Whoops thread.

That's terrible. Reminds me of a trip to Ely, Nevada in 1986. While driving US 50, the "Loneliest Highway in the US," we came across a Bekins moving van burning to the ground. Nearest town was 1.5 hours away in either direction. My wife and I just thought, "Someone isn't getting their furniture."
Saw that one also. Looks like they pushed it out of the road and up to the van to make access. Weird location to be burnt up on the road.
This is funny, don't know if it qualifies for the Florida Man thread as the suspect is from Georgia.

Sounds very similar to the YouBoob Celebrity Jeremy Dewitte prison saga case here in Central Florida where documentation was shown where I take it Jeremy's extra marital affair Ashley Madison date/girlfriend also dated the Sheriff of Orange County :realcrazy:

I worked at a Chevrolet dealer in highschool detailing used cars and doing new car prep. It's amazing how many cars visit the body shop before the showroom.