Favorite pic of your ride? Let’s see em!

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
I’ve been needing some inspiration to get my a** back to my New Yorker / 300. I’ve got good news, although I’ve been terribly busy as a newlywed with a new job - I may have found a solution to my halted project. The gent who rebuilt my 440 is a very respected man in my community and has helped several people get their projects off the ground and on the road. Given that my ‘68 is basically all there and just a puzzle needing to be put back together, I reached out to him.

Next week, he’ll be by to check it out and potentially take on the project to at least get the car to be able to run and drive under its own power and have it wired! Enough to be able to turn it on with the key at least… Sounds promising, and something I can’t feel ashamed of given my circumstance and how much hard tiring work I’ve already done.

Also, as a surprise to my wife and I … I’m going to be a DAD. Shocker!! So now my wife and I agree let’s try to get as much done as we can now before the baby comes and takes even more of a priority. She does not want me to get rid of it though, as she’s attached to the car. Sometimes more than I am :) Anyways, here’s my favorite pic. Every time I see it, I imagine myself driving that ‘68 along the gorgeous central coast, through the wine country of Paso Robles or even the urban streets of Santa Barbara where she was first purchased brand new.

Congratulations papa. Children are a blessing, expensive, but a blessing lol.

Ginger is my 77 (M51) New Yorker. One of my favorite pics of her. She’s got her issues like most of them do. But don’t they all in one way or another.

First two are of Tux at the American luxury car show this summer. Second set is TB in the forgotten tomb and then all looking fine currently.






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