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    Jan 22, 2012
    Pleasant Hill, CA
    Ok, another weekend ruined by heat. Yesterday 98 and today 105 while I don't tolerate temps above 90 very well at all. Wanted to get at the block plugs to drain the block before replacing a leaking core plug. Next weekend temps above 90 again and I have both Saturday and Sunday off. At least I got my trans pan seal done last weekend.

    So what to do since I am with my 8 year old today and I can't go down to the Hornet where it is 74 by the water. So I go onto Netflix, rarely get a chance, and it brings up a suggestion for me called Five Came Back. It is about five famous directors, we all know, who gave up their careers to joining up and lend their skills. After watching it I realize I had seen the first films of four of the five after they returned and decided to go back to work. Have three of those films in the library before even knowing what I now know about them. One comment by Spielberg caught my attention when he said he watches "The Best Years of our Lives" every year. I happen to do the same thing along with Shane and The Searchers.