I Sold My Widebody


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Oct 31, 2013
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Winnebago Mn
Avenger that is. :lol:



I put it on Facebook Marketplace @ 4:00pm Wednesday for the low sum of $850 obo, and had 60 people wanting to look at it. I was busy on messenger the entire rest of the evening, it was insane. Most wanted to look at it the next day or later, but a guy came and bought it just before midnight for $650, and I was wanting $600 somits worked out fine. People who know how to use a phone always seem to be the ones who buy. I hate texting, as I can save both parties a lot of time by speaking and clearing everything up in minutes.

It needed some work, and the guy was happy. I cut him a break for the dead battery and power steering they needed to be fixed. Even gave him a five quart jug of Mobil 1 oil because he didn't screw around. Told me he'd be there at a certain time and was.

I'll be keeping my other two Widebodys, I'm liking the Town & Country a lot, much more room for me behind the wheel, and room for the dogs in back. Of course the Charger isn't going anywhere in my lifetime, it's too fun and I just love the way it looks.