Hood release cable needed


Jan 16, 2020
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Pittsburg, Tx, USA
Not sure if this is a restoration thread item or interior thread. (Moderators feel free to relocate this thread to the appropriate sub-forum) I have a 73 Newport. Hood release cable works (for now) but it requires a firm pull of 3 inches to get the hood open. When it does release, the "shaft" of the handle is completely out and you can see cable. Under the hood where it attaches to the mechanism, the sheath at the end is worn off and the exposed cable is badly frayed, at least half of it is broken. It won't be long before it is broken completely. Therefore I'm looking for a replacement.

There are a number of replacement cables available on the aftermarket scene. But I am unsure of what length to buy. I COULD buy an extra long length, (some are as long as 15 feet) cut it to length and spot weld a bung onto the end of the cable for where the latch connects.

But before I do all that, I thought I'd ask y'all here. If I buy a used unit, it would also be as old as what I already have and may fail at a bad time. New would be better but I'm unable to locate a suitable replacement.

Anybody have one for sale, or would be willing to measure it and post the length here? Thanks in advance for your reply.
You probably do not need another cable...
It sounds more like the clamp that holds the cable housing
is not doing what it is suppose to do...
Cables do not stretch...

I might add that a bit of height adjustment of the latch on the core support might be in order. "Firm pull" should be "just a tug" instead, by obervation. Use the levelers at the front of the hood to keep the sheet metal at the correct height, but then tweak the latch UP a smidge so that it will open with less pulling resistance. Some lube might help, too.

There should be a plastic end on the cable housing that snaps into the latch mechanism somewhere, to hold it in place. With a similar retention method on the pull handle end on the lower inst pnl area.

Just some thoughts,