But, but, the GPS said "turn here", and I did...!

I picture some knothead driving in the mountains and going off a cliff, while his GPS is saying "Recalculating your route. Turn right in one-thousand feet..."

Wrong module! It should say: "Pull up nose in one-thousand feet..."
I was in Lexington Virginia, trying to get back to the highway. The terrain is hilly. The GPS had me take a left onto an unmarked road that quickly became narrow gravel with sharp turns I could not see around. I didn't want to get my family killed by an oncoming speeding pickup truck. I turned around at a nearby driveway, back tracked the way back to the highway, and ignored GPS thereafter.
I used to have a whole collection of rental car maps. I had at least one from almost every state, before they quit supplying them. I even had maps from Italy and France. I have since gotten rid off most of my paper maps.
I do not like the Automotive built in GPS as they seem too cumbersome. My iPhone works great 99% of the time and most cars I rent have CarPlay to put it on the screen.
I put on 1,000 KM in France two weekends ago for work. On the weekend we went from Pornichet/LaBule to Port De St Goustan (Benjamin Franklin’s French port of entry in 1776 to form an Alliance) and Sunday from Pornichet to Normandy without out any issues. I still look at the overall route to see the expanded view.
I still use common sense and know when to ignore the directions.

Also learned to use the google translate app where the Phone camera does a decent job of translation.
I was out in my shop recently, looking for a tool. I opened up one drawer that hadn't been opened in ages, full of my crap tools, old fuel receipts and stuff - kinda like the garage version of the kitchen catch-all drawer. I found a map of Oklahoma from 1977 that was in an old '75 Coronet I'd had years ago. I opened it up and was amazed at the changes since. After checking the map out for a few minutes, I folded it and put that map in the map pocket in my son's '76 Buick Skylark driver side door. The map pocket! Not one of my 2000-newer vehicles have map pockets!