Ignition switch has rotated


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Oct 9, 2022
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Spokane, WA
Any idea why my ignition switch might be rotated like this? I don’t know how the mechanism works well enough to figure it out in my brain.

It's not tight- the trim bezel in front of it has 4 notches in it and you can use those as leverage to tighten it back up. There may be a special tool to spin it but I've had luck with a screwdriver. You may have to loosen it, rotate the switch to where it is oriented how you want it, and then tighten the bezel/trim ring.
There should be a small locating tang on the switch. I'd loosen the retaining nut a bit so you can turn the switch in the hole. When it gets to the right spot, it should go in ( from the back ) a little further. Then tighten the retaining ring and it should stay in place.
A mopar key should go in teeth up.
Yes follow above. There is a tang to locate the switch.

Take the ring off and lubricate the threads first, it will make this job so much easier.
For the sake of thread completion and to let future readers know what the trouble was, the problem was that the little alignment pin on the ignition switch assembly itself had sheared off, allowing the unit to rotate while the lock ring was tightened. I'm not gonna change it out, so I just had to hold it real tight in the proper alignment orientation while I retightened the lock ring. All fixed! I did add a little bit of 3N1 oil to the threads before re-tightening just to make it easier to turn.