It´s time for the Slab picture thread


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66 monaco, last on road early 80s. Owner had the engine freshened up, rings, bearings, valve job, brakes, trans serviced and didn't have the money to pay for it. Under the garage keepers act The car sat in the back of the shop for 10 years, then sat in the compound for 30 years. The mechanic died 5 yr ago and left all his stuff to son in law. The poly was seized from sitting. Son in la

Son in law advertised it. I had it running shortly after getting it home.
Poly, buckets, console, fender turn signal indicator, radio and rear window defogger. 54 thousand miles on it. Needs fuel line and likely tank. Minor rust on lower quarter panels.
What in the hell? You've got a few if these in no time, great score!
Shipping containers are a better investment than c body cars. The cans hold their value.
This monaco was 40 miles from here. It found me.
I bought it from a flipper. Decent guy, he bought it from the son in law. He was asking 3800 for it. Told me he had a bunch of effort in trying to get it running, said if he could have got it loose he would never be selling it. I dont have time to haggle and asked what the real price was. 3200. I paid him and loaded it. Like I said some basic farmer techniques had it running. And it runs very well. I'm not a big poly fan but this one will be staying were it is.
Week later I see a Camaro advertised. You can see the sellers other items. Clicked on other items and I find a yellow monaco, 800 bucks but its sold. But the guys phone number is there. I phone and sure enough its same car. Would have been cheaper to buy it from him.
Anyway he tells me the story of father in law and he also says he tried every trick he knew to get it unseized and if he could have he would never have sold it.
So I tell him Bob did real good flipping the car, but I got it running and i think i did even better.
The bucket seats need a tune up and recovering but back seat it real nice.
I am going to keep buying sea cans
Installed a new washer bottle this past weekend and @FURYGT solid state voltage regulator. Elwood’s engine ran better after the VR install, and had 14.2V at the battery with the headlights and blower motor on.