Seat Belt Installation


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Feb 24, 2021
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Good Morning All
As the 'Polar Vortex' barrels across the country, I'm out in the Man Cave finishing up projects on the Party Barge.
I have the rear seat out to be reupholstered, so I'm looking at the installation of rear seat belts. I read the thread on the the '68 300 and that answered some of the questions.
Attached are a couple of pics of the right rear floor area. The left side is identical. It looks like the outboard belts are mounted at the base of the wheel well. The dimple, I am assuming, is the point where the hole is drilled for the mounting bolt. The inboard picture shows two dimples. Again, I'm assuming that the inboard dimple(s) Left side) are for the center belt, while the outboard dimple(s) Right side are for the outboard belts.
I apologize that I am not 'high speed' enough to draw circles, arrows ect. I hope the verbiage is clear enough. What are anyone's thoughts on the commercial brackets ('L' shaped). Would they be needed or just mount that belts flat to the floor? I believe that all the Mopar belts that I remember seeing were mounted flat. I have genuine Mopar mounting bolts, I would just need to fab up a mounting (stiffener) plate/nut.
Thanks to all who respond.
I recant from my first post. I'm fortunate that my car, 68 New Yorker is stored where I work. I just pulled the bottom of the back seat.

This is the mount for the outside portion of the belt of the driver side.


This is the inboard mount.


The top of the back seat is still in place so a little difficult to get a good picture.


In the second picture are two belts anchored together?
If so That would save some drilling.
My '65. I added three belts and used the centermost dimples to mount the inner and outer belts. In hindsight, I should have used the other dimples too... But I only had 4 of the OEM u-bolts. If I find some more, I'll make the change.