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Apr 8, 2012
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Youngsville, NC
As many of you guys know I bought this beautiful 66 300 off a fellow member 2 years ago. Knowing it needed a pass floor pan & both lower quarters & lower fenders patched. The car was at member Wollfens shop already. I had dropped off a car for him to work on & Gary was showing me around all the cars he has there & was working on. So I purchased the 300 & Gary went to work on it about 2 months later as he finished up other cars. As he got into it he found more areas & I gave him the green light to fix those as well. About a year later it came home & I spent some time getting it to run & stop better. Got it running pretty good & stopping pretty good but I kept noticing a water puddle on the right side after it would rain. Well it turns out it had a rot spot in the cowl/firewall that was hard to see as the HVAC box had it hid. So back down to Gary’s it went. Along the way the fuel pump died. No problem I had a brand new one in stock. Gary had to pull the dash & HVAC box to gain access to the troubled area & to inspect the entire cowl & firewall to make sure there was no more surprises. He told me it was just that one spot & proceded to fix it. Took his time as I told him I’d rather have a quality job than a quick repair. He sent me photos as he had done the first time it was down in his shop. All I can say is he does some outstanding work. I’m blessed to have someone this close to me that can do this quality of work. Yea I’m WAY over budget. I have about $6000 bucks in this car now & have only driven it maybe 10 miles on the 2 years I’ve owned. The car is probably only worth $4000 in its current state & I discussed yesterday with Gary if I should cut my losses & move on or continue on with the restoration. I have decided to do both. Yes I will sell this car for a reasonable offer above $4000 & I will continue to fix it. We are down to the cosmetics now. I installed the new fuel pump at Gary’s shop yesterday & she fired right up on the second try & purred like a kitten. So yes the car is for sale. It’s back at my place but you can contact either Gary or myself for more info. I knew each time I gave Gary the green light the car was getting away from me from a value point but I did it because I truely Love C bodies & I wanted it done correctly so it wouldn’t be a problem later. I’ll drive it & enjoy it & continue to work on it untill somebody else comes along. I will make a formal for sale post later when I get some updated pics but you guys know Gary & I. We’ve been members on here for years & neither of us are out to screw anyone over. We are true car guys that love our cars & love the hobby.
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