June 24th, 2023 - 7th Annual C Body Show at Volo

Hi, friends,

Sorry that I can't attend this year. My wife's daughter is expecting her first child, so my wife and I will be in Calfornia at that time. I hope to see you in 2024, and have a great show this year!
Just got back from Vero Beach, FL, and when checking the registrations, we have 2 more signed up.
3 weeks away, and it's creeping up fast on us.
Just signed up…looking forward to the show!

Final week of preparations for the C Body Show.
The food has been ordered, and will be delivered at noon.
Theres gonna be beef sandwiches, fried chicken, mostaccioli, meatballs and salad.
Hope everybody brings their appetite along with their rides to the show.
Let's not forget to get the group picture this year. We can probably do this just before the food arrives or when the vendor is setting up everything.
See everyone next weekend, and safe travels to all.
The Fury's not done yet and I sold the New Yorker, so the DeSoto it is! Yes, I know it's not technically a c-body....next year hopefully for the Fury!

FYI, I have a number of 1960-1962 Chrysler, 1966 Plymouth, 1965-1968 Chrysler, and 1956/1959 DeSoto parts available. I mention this because I can deliver parts in person, saving shipping costs that have skyrocketed and also deal face to face. Most of the Chrysler and Plymouth stuff I have in an Excel spreadsheet that I can send. Send me a PM with a request or for the list and I can see if I have what you are looking for.
Stopped by Volo Auto Museum today and met with the events planner.
Everything is on track for next weekend. He mentioned he has now included the FCBO link for the show, hoping to gain further attention to this event by adding the registration link on their page.
They are great to work with, and always ready to help with an idea.

I also want to note @LocuMob told me about an offer on FABO, being made by Hughes Engines in Washington, IL.
With the help of the promotional materials they have provided for our event, we will have goody bags this year.
A big shout out goes to Hughes Engines too for their contributions.
Pics taken of the show field today....
Plenty of parking with shade trees.



While I should be careful to not make this a for sale ad I have c body rallyes I am selling $40 each or $120 for 4.
I have a nicer set with trim rings and poor centers that I planned on restoring but haven't painted yet
Free delivery to the show




I don't mind mentioning parts for sale on this thread.
It'd be a good opportunity to get rid of parts to the perfect audience.
FWIW, I have 2 70/71...$100 ea. Chrysler front bumpers and a 71 Newport rear 3 hole bumper in great shape for $150.
They can be picked up at my shop at the after show party.
I have a set of Mirada 15x7 wheels.
They are in really nice shape, but the centers are crappy.
Free delivery to the show!
400.00 or best offer. Gas money to get home!

Ha.. we have a week.
Place your orders now .
Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the show, bummed I can't make it for the sixth year in a row.