Lowrider 1970 300 convertible

Love it or hate it, SOMEBODY saved this from the crusher/fields of broken, shattered dreams (junkyard). That in and of itself is something to be proud of. Our C Body land yachts rarely get much attention or respect by the larger automotive community. For someone to languish this much detail & work SHOULD earn your respect, regardless of how you may or may not approve of the final product.

When I acquired my 73 Newport, the previous owner had begun mods to "Donk" it, as it sported maxed out torsion bar adjustments and high rise leaf spring shackles out back, before they gave up and abandoned it. I was the last & only person who saw it still had potential to save it from the crusher. It had already earned the name "the Turd" on account of it's doggy doo color and the fact most everything was broken or didn't work right. A real piece of $#!+. I gave it a muscle car make over, and today I get props, smiles & thumbs up almost every time I take it out. And I'm still not done with it yet, future plans include new upholstery, rebuilding the AC/heater, power windows, close ratio steering, new leaf springs & T-bars, CalTrac traction bars, TTI long tube headers, aluminum heads, a stroker kit & Holley Sniper EFI. And then maybe fresh paint. But for now, the original lead based metallic brown still buffs out nice and sparkles with some love applied. It is still called "the Turd" but only because of the color & the crappy gas mileage it gets. But yet it still gets loved. Not everyone approves of the direction I went with it, but it's not their car, it's mine.

So someone made a low rider out of one. Cool. Not what I would have done, but it's a lot more than what most anyone else would have done with it. It's different, special and unique. And best of all, it isn't a GM or a Ford product that has already been done to death to the point that it fades into the background in a sea of other like type of cars of that genre. I would not feel ashamed to park my car next to this one. "Dare To Be Different". Wave your freak flag without shame.

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Are those Cal Custom valve covers? I have a similar set! Want to get mine polished out!
I just saw this thread and thought the car has too many distasteful mods. Wheels and tires, color just doesn’t cut it for me and the poor attempt to keep the original dash.
But the car is very unique, just not pressing my buttons.
I'd hit dem switches!!

3 wheel that sucker with some pride.
Looks way better than all those 64's.