68PK21 440.6bbl

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Nov 29, 2017
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No Reserve (RESERVE IS OFF!) SOLD $16,000

People will pay what they think it's worth. And hopefully more people are starting to see through the B.S. and hype of the auction scene.
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I’ve seen quite few high $ cars now come back across the B.J. floor and sell for much less than seller paid a couple years before. Too many non car-guy types thinking any old car is an investment.
They announced that the Race Car Camaro was not street legal in 50 states.

They haven't been to Daytona Beach FL lately.
Back in the '80s, the Walter P. Chrysler Club magazine had one of their great, all-inclusive issues on the '67-'68 Imperials. I was kind of thinking of something like that, but when the almost complete lack of surplus or used parts was mentioned, plus some rear quarter rust issues, I realized that doing on of those two-model-year vehicles might not be my best purchase.

Soon thereafter, the economy started to decrease, so many "non-car-guys" were finding cars in garages, giving the owners a decent price (for the time), then taking them out for detailing before the next big auction came to Dallas. Of course, they were happy to buy that '68 GTX hardtop from the original owner (for the price of a regular Belvedere hardtop, possibly) and then sell it at auction for "big money". That "business model" started to play out until the economy came back and normal financial returns, returned.

That cycle has repeated many times! "Old Cars", "Now Collectible Cars" are the fill-in financial instrument of choice for many. Any "gold" you might buy is on paper, but that car is something you can feel and enjoy . . . while you have it. But it can also result n the buy high-sell low situation, too.

The buyer might have looked around and said "Everybody's got a Caddilac convertible, similar Lincolns are too "boring", but how many have an IMPERIAL convertible? I want it!" As long as everybody's happy (now), that's all that matters . . . until the car is suspected to be a #1 condition car and similar money is wanted for something less.

Enjoy the fact it went to an excited owner.

It looks pretty nice inside, I don't know my '68 interiors, but I think someone got a sweet car. From my search there is no c-bodies in the auction, so guessing not a lot of interest in the Imperial.

Screenshot-2018-4-6 1968 Chrysler Imperial Convertible F130 1 Houston 2018 Mecum Auctions.png
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Personally the worst color combination for a convertible. I don't like white cars and nothing hotter than a black interior.

Screenshot-2018-4-6 1968 Chrysler Imperial Convertible F130 1 Houston 2018 Mecum Auctions(1).png
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Seen a yellow 75 Dart with a slant 6 and 22,000 miles in very good condition sell for $10,000 today on Mecum.
1971 RR 383 Auto A/C Ralleye wheels looks like Citroen yellow, very clean sold for $12,000 at Mecum today.
1993 Dodge Ram Power Wagon with a 5.9 Diesel green 4x4 extended cab sold for $13,000 at Mecum.