Murray Park in Ohio

I've been buying from Murray since 2008 back when he still had his day job. He's a straight shooter, and delivers the parts in the condition he described. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more from him. Whether email or phone he responds within a day or so for me.
A few years ago I needed a C Body 70-71 HP 440 left exhaust manifold. Called him, he had it at my door a few days later. Fair price and fast service!
Murray parks is awesome to work with he has always got me the parts i ordered and they where at Carlisle like he said
I have read all these posts and Goggled Murray Park with out finding his website or email? The one Murray Park sell lawn mower parts. Does somebody have the phone number or website?
Murray Park pulls through for me once again! This time with a very elusive reverse light switch pin for my ‘68 300 (called an ‘Operating lever’ in the FSM). This is an expendable part that is designed to snap off if one needs to service the reverse light switch. I found an NOS one online, but that retailer knows what they’ve got and was asking way too much money for it. Got a hold of Murray and he said ‘no problem, but I have to disassemble a steering column to get it off without breaking’. A week later, it shows up in the mail at a fraction of the cost of the NOS one. I couldn’t be happier with Murray’s level of service and reasonable prices.

This Murray Park guy in Ohio that sells used parts. Anybody ever dealt with him ? I see people recommended him & I also see people complain that he’s slow to respond. That’s been my experience. Several years ago I e mailed about a fuel tank for a Fury. Responded pretty quick that he had one & a price. So I ready to purchase & replied back what’s shipping cost & provided my info. Haven’t heard back yet & that’s been years. So I thought I’ll try again. Sunday night I sent an e mail on another part. As of this morning (Thursday) I have not heard back. What on earth is the deal. I need the part now. Not in November.

Murray, he's honest and best reached by phone. Always had great success with him! And he HAS PARTS! C bodies are tough, we know that. He can make it him, do not email him. He's answered me while driving, pulled over and we did business. All good on this end! bob
He often has other stuff as well. A few years ago one of the windshield washer arms on my '79 Diplomat broke off at the end, and he actually had a really nice replacement. Didn't cost a mint, and he sent it right away. Often times in summer when he's going from show to show it can take him a little longer to get back to you, but he always follows through. Glad it worked out.
murray is a great guy i have bought lots of stuff from him
Murray just helped me out also had a NOS brake booster check valve i could not find anywhere also got a used one as a backup if needed.