Neutral Safety Switch - ISO

Ross Wooldridge

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Apr 25, 2016
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Scotland, Ontario, Canada
Hey all,

While I haven't checked my wiring to be sure, I may need a new Neutral Safety Switch for the 66 wagon. Surprisingly, I have not found any on the typical part store websites, my regular supplier says his vendor has stopped making them, and I'm starting to feel like I'm striking out here.

This is the single pin version for 65 - 68(?) transmissions. They look like but are not the same as the earlier 727 single pin NSSs - the depth to reach the comb is NOT the same. Later ones may have the same depth, but they're the 2 and 3 pin and are not going to work with my connector.

Can anyone provide me with a generic part number - IE Echlin, Neihoff, yadda yadda? Anyone have an NOS one in a box or a known good used one they want to sell? I'm not interested if I can help it in paying for one on eBay - they're around $90 + shipping - by the time I'm all done I'd be in for $160 Cdn ...

Anyone? Beuhler?
They work so good and rarely fail. So the aftermarket didn’t sell any and quit making them.

now they are HTF.
Thanks - I did that and found one for $40 + decent shipping, so I bought it. Thanks for the tip and the part number!!

Even if I don't need it and it's just my wiring, it's good to have a new one on the shelf for the future.
eBay is funny. I wanted a set of wheel covers for a 1960 Chrysler, they are not hard to find so I was looking for better shape and decent price, I had some time. Ended up I bought 3 in one auction and 1 in another. After that folks saw some sold then there were even more on there and for for more money.
Yeah, ebay does seem to have trends on older/collectible stuff, driving prices and new listings.