NOT MINE - 1969 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible For Sale - Nicely Optioned


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Oct 8, 2011
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Here is a link to a Polara 500 for sale on Facebook posted a day ago......................................Log into Facebook
Asking price seems very reasonable providing the car doesn't have much rust but given the location an eyes-on inspection is likely warranted and the lower rear quarter turndown just aft the left rear rear tire looks like work has been done back there at least. Fairly low 75K miles and the interior condition seems to confirm that. Plenty of options that are pretty rare on these models including a/c, power windows, power seat, tilt wheel and so on.............................
Nice wheel covers too.

The dash pad also looks very good from what we can see and even the steering wheel looks really good. I doubt it will last long if decent on the underside.
Here is some text from the post:

1969 Dodge polara 500 convertible​

Listed a day ago in Pulaski, PA


About This Vehicle

Driven 75,000 miles

Automatic transmission

Exterior color: Brown · Interior color: White

Fuel type: Gasoline

Seller's Description​

1969 dodge polara 500 car will run. needs restored.$4,800. A little over 500 of these were built.




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Flat tires are a turn off.

I believe a set of aired up whitewalls would make a big difference in a person's perception of this car - it is too dowdy looking at present with the dark brown, missing trim and the black walls.
Again? This is probably the 3rd time for this one, I'm surprised it didn't sell yet. Besides the lower moldings missing it looks good. Paging @ayilar
Here is the earlier thread. Ask is down by $2k. Agree with @saforwardlook -- likely a good deal, subject to inspection of course. The trim may be hard to find in general, but several Polara 500 parts cars have recently been seen for sale.
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