Replace heater core

My heater core is OK (for the moment). Gary's car, the subject of the thread, is equipped with A/C and one of the issues is buying a reasonably priced heater core.

As of right now, the only replacement option is Obsolete Air's piece.

1970 1971 1972 1973 Chrysler Imperial Plymouth Fury GTX Heater Core Air conditioning

The heater core looks like this with two cores.

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BTW, they also have the evaporator. That's something that I searched high and low for a couple years ago.

1970 1971 1972 1973 Chrysler Newport / New Yorker / E Class / New Yorker 5th Ave Evaporator

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Would this heater core fit in a 72 Newport?
Guess who has to do a heater core replacement.... I'm going to pull it out this weekend and see if i can solder it... Mine is an ac car also.... Blower doesn't work also.....
Guess who has to do a heater core replacement.... I'm going to pull it out this weekend and see if i can solder it... Mine is an ac car also.... Blower doesn't work also.....

I have to do the same thing soon, is there any way that you could post some pictures?
has anyone switched out the heat core and ac box, and went to one that is universal?
I've thought about it but I decided that's not an option for me because I want to use stock ductwork and from what I've seen, their universals would have a tough time with our plumbing.
Hi All...Got my heater box back from Mr. Heater box and Interior Restoration Services / Premium Dash Decals in Harrowsmith, ON. They did a super duper job on the restoration of it. All new gaskets, cleaned & tested core, rebuilt blower motor (and bench tested), heater coil, etc. See my photos and you will agree. For $550 you can’t go wrong. I paid $500 because I had the seals & gaskets already. Again, I met them at the Carlisle PA All-Mopar Nationals Show which was mid-August & they said around 3 months (Should have been mid Oct). Got it back April 1st (7 1/2 months). He told me he had his powder coater go down, but didn't tell me til I picked it up. Good thing I had other projects to do. Nevertheless and most importantly, it’s the Father and his two sons and they are the nicest guys you've ever met! Salt of the earth for sure. I would do business again and refer them to anyone. Just have to be patient. They work out on a shop on their property. It was an enjoyable drive there too! I'd been having difficulty uploading pictures, so hopefully they will post.
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Yes, they did a great job for sure! He said it's better for them to clean out and restore the original. The replacement, Spectra, for my car (Non-AC) anyway, has in & out pipes that don't exactly line up with the wholes in the firewall. He said, if the core is that bad & needs to be replaced, they have to cut & weld the pipes to fit properly & they've done this quite a bit. Hope this helps all!
Hey there,
I recently unmounted, restored and built back together the heater core in my 1971 Newport with A/C. It wasnt that hard at all compared to other work I did on the car (e.g. installing TTI headers lol)
You basiclly have to follow the steps from the FSM, but I will describe it a bit more detailed, or at least try to. While doing this stuff be carefull with the body insulation and the heater core housing, as they contain asbestos. I was wearing a dust respirator all the time, just in case...

1. Remove your glove box door, the latch as well as the upper and lower part of the inner glovebox.
2. Remove the right lower air hose and duct. Remove the left air duct under the steering column. Both are held in place by a single screw to the sheet metal and with a little metal clip to the right air outlet or the outer left duct.
3. Remove the lower foot air outlet in the middle of the car right above the trans tunel. Be careful to remove the 3 screws, which hold litle tabs for cable routing in place. These are hard to reach. If you dont remove these three screw, you will brake the plastic of the air outlet. Guess how I know. The outlet is held in place by 5 screws overal.
4. Remove the center air duct, which directs the air through the cluster outlet. This is a bit difficult with the cluster still in place, but should be doable. It is held in place by a single screw to the lower sheet metal and a clip to the center air outlet.
For info, I had the cluster removed, because I had some stuff to do on it. I guess this made the job a bit easier overal.
5. Remove the air distributer right on top of the heater core housing. It is held in place by 5 screws.
6. Remove the shield protecting the vacuum actuators right next to the gas pedal. These screws were the hardest to reach.
7. Unhook the vaccuum actuator clips.
8. Remove the water hoses going to the heator core in the engine bay.
9. Remove the cables to the fan resistor block and remove the block as well through the glovebox.
10. Remove all screws around the heater core housing by reaching through the glove box and from under the dash.
11. Remove the housing. It may stick a bit. By gentle not to crack the asbestos/plastic housing. It comes out pretty tight under the dash.
12. Remove the heatercore itself. It sticked realy hard to the front housing. Be gentle while removing it. It also comes out tight under the dash.
13. Grab a beer, you made it. Congrats.

I hope, I didnt miss a step.
Installation is everything in reverse order.
As I said, it isnt realy a hard job. Take your time and you will be fine!
I had the core repaired by local shop, cleaned all ducts and put in new gaskets. While I was on it I removed all the stock asbestos insulation and replaced it with new universal stuff.
It is pretty awesome to have a non leaking and properly working heater :)





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