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    Sep 14, 2012
    London, Ohio
    We have a great family owned big pizza place near where I live, with a drive through window. I think I have talked to at least a dozen different people about my car.

    I go there every Friday night or an occasional Saturday. I have seen a few of the staff wave a coworker over to the window, saying he is here, so they can see my car too.

    Last night I talked to a real Mopar guy and he asked where I had been, and I have never met him before. He had heard about my car and apparently was to be told when I came around because he works in the kitchen. Goldie was out of commission for a month, and I guess this guy has been waiting about that long to see her.

    Talked to him for quite awhile, because there was no one behind me, nice knowledgeable guy.

    It was a perfect night for a drive too. If I didn't have a pizza next to me I probably would have been out for some time. I did add about another 15 minutes, to my 30 minute round trip. My pizza was still warm when I eventually got home. :)
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    Apr 21, 2013
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    Your car really is a prime example of C body style.
    She is just plain pretty to look at to a casual observer, or someone who knows cars.:thumbsup:
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