restore and color interior leather and vinyl

CHS 67 Imperial

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Mar 1, 2023
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Salinas, California
One of my pet peeves with these older cars (at least mid-60s Imperials) is the wear I see on the interior vinyl door glove box covers (called a “pad” in the parts catalog). My door panels are almost perfect, but the door storage “doors” are badly worn. I bought a leather and vinyl restoration kit from Rub N Restore to repair a few wear spots on the leather seats. The car is in the paint shop, but I thought I would try to restore these door box covers. I was shocked with the results. I wasn’t really expecting much, but they turned out great. See the pictures.

My car has a light blue interior. The color is actually a blue-silver metallic color. Rub N Restore had to source a special metallic coloring additive, with an up-charge, of course. I sent them a sample to work with. They did a great job matching the color. Looking forward to fixing up the leather next.

It's kind of hard to see from the pictures, but the first two show pretty bad wear and discoloration. The last picture is the result.

before 1.jpg

before 2.jpg

Great that they discovered the "metallic/pearl" content of the Chrysler trim codes (with 1974 being the first year of "normal" colors, in fabrics and vinyl/leather upholstery).

Thanks for the advisory!