Road trip '67 300


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Dec 8, 2017
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Long Island
I thought I'd share with you my road trip in our '67 300. My son and I flew out Saturday to the Phoenix area, drove through Sedona on our way to the Grand Canyon. We arrived after sundown and stayed overnight near the G.C. Our next stop was Mt Rushmore, which we made by Monday Morning, then we started to head east to New York. On Tuesday I was able to drop by Murray Park's and picked up a couple of items. He was great, very helpful and he loved the car. We arrived back on Long Island this morning around 0600. It was a grind but well worth it.
A little back ground of how this all happened. In Dec of' '19 my son Christian was given a temporary assignment working at Phx airport. I checked the internet and came across this 300 in Buckeye Arizona. I reached out to azblackhemi and he put me in touch with his buddy Rob who has a Mopar restoration shop in Buckeye. As it turned out Rob was famliar with the car because years ago he inquired about it but it was not for sale. This car is located about 5mins from his house. The owner had passed in the early 2000's and the car sat under a carport untouched for many years.
My son hooked up with Rob and went to see the car. Based on their input I purchased the car and Rob trailered it to his shop. My intentions where to have the car mechanically restored so that I could road trip the car with my dad and son.
Covid hit shortly after, and my target of making the trip in the summer of 2020 was pushed back at least till summer of '21. Unfortunately my father passed unexpectedly this past March, so this trip was extra special for me and son.
Except for a couple of hiccups, the car performed well. We lost a wheel cover some where on the road to Sedona, and when we made a fuel stop in Colorado I noticed a coolant leak on the right side rear of engine. I'm guessing a freeze plug in the back of the cylinder head. It was steady drops but when I was able to check the coolant level I noticed That it did not lose much, and since I never smelled any coolant while driving and we didn't over heat, I decided to dump some Bar's Leak in the rad and keep on going. After another Fifty miles I checked the leak and it had stopped. What a break!
The leak did reappear but it was intermittent, and never enough to cause a problem. I will address it now that I am home. The only other issue was some heavy ran and fog last night in Pa, but fortunately that wasn't a problem.
Thanks for reading this and I will posting pics.
Man, that is a beautiful car and an awesome story! Obviously the air works in it!! I plan on doing a road trip with my step son once one of my two projects are complete.
Thank you. Rob had the air charged with R-12 before we left and it did fine.
The middle pic is with my son.
Nothing much better than long road trips in an old full size car!:thumbsup:
I love threads like this. Roadtrips in old cars are so much fun. Makes all that back-breaking work of keeping them running worth it.
I will post some more pics soon of the 300 with a shine, I put a wheel on it today and it came back nicely but it was too late to snap some pics.