Should I do a trans band adjustment myself on a 1970 300 727?

Finding the right spring tension took time but I do notice an improvement. (Too heavy a spring and it was pulling the idle up by itself). I've only driven it once since but 2nd the 3rd seems happy now. WOT doesn't hesitate, but I've only driven it once so maybe it'll give me grief in the future.

Thanks for the help everyone....onto the next problem!
The rear band is set at 2 turns and the front band at 2 1/4. Not seven turns like u posted. Kim
Jack the rear wheels off the ground. Put the car in neutral. Tighten front band adjustment till driveshaft will not turn (not cranked down tight) then back off 3/4-1 turn. Repeat for rear band. Rear band adjust ment will not affect shifting except into low 1 or reverse.
Now your bands are adjusted.

I will add that when you turn driveshaft in reverse direction it will be noticably harder to turn, this is normal you are fighting the sprag/overunning clutch/breakaway clutch/rollery spring thing in the back, whatever you chose to call it.
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