Tracing a water leak!


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Dec 31, 2017
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68 300 with spring finally here I’ve parked it outside since its been raining I’m gettin 2 small “puddles” on the front floor boards ( one on each left side Of floor pan front)and can not seem to find the source I’ve double checked the windshield and have since 3m’d urethaned around the entire gasket to make sure there were no leaks does anyone have any other idea of where the might possible be a entrance for water to access on the floor I’m totally stumped at this time Any help is much appreciated

Thank you
It may be the fresh air channel drains are plugged and allowing water to build up and enter the fresh air vents.
These can be cleaned out by removing the vent panels by your feet with a shop vac and also clean out hte small drains by the base of each front fender by the door.
The worst case is the top of the channel is rotter and allowing water to enter from the top. the only fix for this is to remove the front fenders and do metal repairs as required.
The cowl area sometimes get clogged with leaves and dirt. Remember water always flows with gravity. Here is a good trick to find the leak, close the car up completely. Turn on the ignition key and turn the defroster on high. Then take a spray bottle of soapy water and spray the area, (just like testing a tire). When you find the hole it will bubble the same way.

You can see the drain holes in this pic (the 2 red circles). The firewall/cowl is upside down.
Alan cowl drain holes.jpg

Along with vacuuming everything you can, I also took some metal wire and poked up through the holes to dislodge anything that is in there.
I have a similar problem and found that water was coming in through the door/roof seal at the tip of the vent window...running down behind the A-pillar cover and into the floor.