Upgrading headlights to relay style. Easy, and quick!

Now I have five cars that use relays for the headlights not that I drive at night. I built all my own so I can choose the parts namely Tyco relays. Now three of the cars use a fuse box. The Cougar uses four blade fuses to power low beam, high beam, electric choke, and Pertronix while two don't need an electric choke. Two have a Bussman resetting circuit breaker.

Now I have heard pros and now cons about both. The con about the resetting circuit breaker is what if there is a serious electrical issue and you keep blowing the breaker only to reset without checking into it. Ergo a blade fuse takes out the circuit and would be safer if there was a deeper problem. One could carry extra blade fuses. What are your thoughts with what I have read and not from amateurs? Below Cougar blades and Polara Bussman.

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Thank you for the lead. I will explore them. Good idea.

Thanks for posting this. I'm looking at that 100 amp mini fuse panel and starting to think it would be a great replacement to my original glass fuse panel. Would be a clean sawp and I could run the line direct from supply.

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Looking at it, there's one thing I don't like. It's fused. That should be replaced with a circuit breaker like the factory does with critical circuits. That way, if there's a momentary issue, the breaker will reset and all is good. A fuse literally leaves you in the dark.

I'd spend $7 for this circuit breaker: https://www.amazon.com/Bussmann-CB227-20-Automotive-Mounting-Connection/dp/B004AHC2CS/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=plug+in+circuit+breaker&qid=1590844581&s=automotive&sr=1-5&th=1

I'm just going to toss this out there. If one of those relays fail, replace it with a better Tyco relay. Sometimes those relays (identifiable by the clear case) will last forever and sometimes they don't.

Amazon product ASIN B000P61E36
Only if the low and high bulbs are on the same fuse. I thought of that when I converted mine to relays. Separate fuses in case one blows you have a backup. And always keep spares in the glove box. It also helps to use the plastic tubing to shield the wires from chafing. Low cost insurance. There's a reason modern cars use it all over the place. Using a high quality relay is highly recommended. Tyco makes good products.

Years ago I was driving one night and the headlights quit. Fortunately the high beams still worked. Had to pull over and disconnect the high bulbs so the cops wouldn't stop me. Turned out to be a corroded connection in the bulkhead connector. That's what made me think of having a backup when converting to relays. I do agree a resettable breaker is a good idea.
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Just seeing this. If this helps with the alternator draw AND provides more constant power to the headlights without the dimming of engine idle then this is pretty much a no brainer. I am looking to help lighten the load on the factory harness. Does everyone agree with this modification?