Where to install a manual heater shut off for my 1957 Plymouth Belvedere

Rusty Muffler

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Feb 11, 2011
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Petaluma, Ca.
I'm going to install a manual gate valve on one of the heater hoses. Does it matter which one? Red hose or black? What direction does the water flow?
flow? See picture and thanks!
Thanks for that link! That valve looks very similar to the one in our '66 Newport. Perhaps the same Ranco valve with a different mounting flange?

Thanks 58, Aliexpress says it can't ship to my address and not available? Have you used them before?
Now that you have a Volvo application and other related numbers, you can probably go into the Ranco website and look around or possibly even put those applications into RockAuto. If it's on AliBabba, it's other places too.

Just some thoughts,
Yes we have used Aliexpress in MO. Yes Ranco came with different flanges and 'Y's, etc.. just google Ranco valve. Napa has a rebuild kit for some.
62-68 volvo p122. I'm just good a looking things up. I work on jets, all a part of 'ciphering'.
I ordered the valve you suggested, thanks. Mine was half missing and some soldered the base plate to bypass it. Where does the capillary go exactly?
58Belvedere is a genius and an asset to this forum. Volvo valve worked perfectly and saved me more that half the cost. Thanks 58!