For Sale 1970 Newport convertible on eBay (blue metallic, L-code now 4-barrel/dual exhaust)

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Jan 30, 2012
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CE27LOC247018 is listed on eBay and is for sale in Quebec. Not the car for me, but I like that the seller shows what's under the seat pad. Very few options, based on the tantalizing outline of the fender tag in the last photo.

Edit: I have posted the tag in the Last Convertibles thread / registry.










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1970 Chrysler Newport Convertible | eBay

Item specifics
Condition: Used
Seller Notes:
“1970 Chrysler Newport convertible 383 HP 4 barrel double exhauts 2.5 inch nice top 2 years old new carb new 3 pass aluminum rad new fuel pump exhauts 2.5 inch new transmission paint 5 years old new rear and front rechome bumber and more no rust under drive nice good working top nice weels”
Year: 1970 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): CE27LOC247018
Mileage: 60000 Number of Cylinders: 8
Make: Chrysler Transmission: Automatic
Body Type: Convertible
Trim: Convertible Vehicle Title: Clear
Engine: 383 HP 4 barrels double exhauts Options: Cruise control, Convertible
Drive Type: Rear wheel drive Power Options: New radio with remote, Cruise Control
Fuel Type: Gasoline Exterior Color: Blue
For Sale By: Owner Interior Color: Black

Nice 1970 Chrysler Newport convertible very nice driver with lost new parts

I really hope they can find alll those new parts that are lost...:rofl:
Anybody want the history of this car pm me
I was involved in the restoration.
Her name is Bluebird and there a thread on her on the Dry Dock.
I christened her bluebird because of her b3 paint and Road Runner engine.
I know this car very well.
Looks like a 1971 Newport grille on this 1970 model. They do look better than the 1970 grilles, granted, but ....................
Nice car, love that color!:thumbsup:
I have puctures of the car during resto.
The owner at the time did some personal touches ro the car.
Newport Custom tail lights different grille.
I handled the bumpers. Eechromed by Sandy's Bumper Mart in Syracuse Ny. Nice job too.
My buddy Rusty did the body and paint with my help.
When p.o. bought the car prior to resto, it had a tired 72 400 in it. The originsl 383 was long gone. It was wearing a bad older cheap white paint job. P.o. found T3 on the fender tag and took my advise to go back to original color since 70 was last year for verts.
The RR 383 first had a lumpy cam but got changed for a more sensible grind.
I did some electrical work too.
Car had new carpet too.
When the car was finished he lost interest in the car and was sold. The seller i am guessing is owner 2 or 3 since i last saw the car.
Anything else i can remember? I can share.
Looks like a 1971 Newport grille on this 1970 model. They do look better than the 1970 grilles, granted, but ....................
I, too, was going to point that out.

This car looks like the one a friend of mine, Brian, who lives in Canada, sold several years back. I found a number of parts for him in California. When he first sent me pictures I asked him why the car had a '71 grill on it? After I convinced him it was a '71, and his car was built before January, so it was not a late model, wrong grill car, he asked the guy he bought it from, who was the original owner. The guy told Brian I was nuts and to not listen to me.

Then it got funny.

On Canadian Thanksgiving, the original owner had his family over for dinner. He told them that some ******* in California was telling the guy who bought his car that the grill was from '71. At that, his son banged his hand on the table. Astounded, the man asked him what that was about? The son said, "Dad, do you remember going to England in 1971? Well, while you were gone I "borrowed" your car... and wrecked it. I hit a tree in the front. You were gone for so long I had time to have it repaired at a local shop; you never knew. I guess they used '71 parts. The guy in California is not wrong."


Brian told me the guy called him and explained. Hilarious!

However, when I bought a new fan shroud for Brian, because his car didn't have one, it would not fit. It was the same exact stock number that is on mine, but it would not clear the motor. I told Brian they probably put more in from '71 than just the grill. Notice in the pictures the radiator is not stock.
We pushed the car in the shop for final body and paint Rusy,Theo and me. summer 2007



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