1971 colorado state patrol 2 door e85 fury 1

I just found this image on the 'net today (ironic)

1971 Plymouth Fury Cop Car.jpg

Including the cat licking its *** on the right in the background.
Boy oh boy, I've known posts to go sideways here and even off the rails, but a post morphing into a "Where's Waldo?" that's a first. (I guess I'm to blame on this one)

You mean this pile?

I scrolled through this thread 2x to find that. Do I get a prize? :rolleyes:

We'll throw this one into the 2dr PD mix, as this appears to be a vintage pic of a Rhode Island State Police 2 door cruiser of 1976 Gran Fury variety.

1976 Plymouth Gran Fury 2dr Rhode Island State Police.jpg

Any updates or did this change owners?

Thought I might have seen something on that possibility.

Hope you are well
No, she is still on stands here. Between work, cold, 2 feet.of snow, and some health issues, I didnt get much done the last few months.

Working on the tank and brakes this weekend though.

Bummer is that I had to give up on the Carlisle idea, I just wont have time to get it ready now.

What is the other one you mention? I would love to talk with anyone else that has one, even the 383 Nebraska variety.
Ok, back at it. I have her at a friends close to me, much easier than 50 miles away.

The tank and new sending unit are in place. Rebuilt the rear wheel cylinders quickly while it was up.

I found a 1971 white "h" wheel on ebay, cost me 175 shipped.

She is back on the ground, now we are under the hood, hope to hear that 440 soon.

Question for the group...

If I want to keep the stock, survivor thing going, what tires should I put on it?
Thanks. That makes me have another question that I need to decide myself. Should I go old school bias or not? I am leaning that way.
It's an expensive experiment to try them and find out you don't like how they handle... if I had lots of extra cash, I'd have a set of bias plys and a set of radials on appropriate rims, and switch them out when I chose... but that's all in my fantasy-land mind... LOL!
By 1971, radials were available in the aftermarket. Remember the "masked officer" in the BFG Radial 990 print ads? But as I recall, what Chrysler used was a Goodyear radial with a funky offset square-segmented tread design. Looked worse than just a ribbed-tread radial by a long shot, to me.

BFG has a new Control TA line which might work well? Blackwall, too. I understand wanting to go "repro-correct", but that can get a bit expensive for a limited-use vehicle, to me. I'd say "blackwall radials" and not look back. Some might respect you putting a bias-ply tire on there, but many probably would not notice, I suspect. Of course, if going to a concours judged show, perhaps even the repro tires would not be completely correct, either. Your judgment call.

EDIT: After checking, the Control line does not have anything quite large enough for that car, unfortunately.

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Hey I thought I would post since my 72 Fury is also a former Colorado State Patrol Car. I'll post most photos of my car before restoration and share my build sheet, and a few things I learned on my car. Roger Mauro was the main fleet sales dealer in Denver For CSP vehicles, all state fleet orders came from there. My car had the same trunk badge, as well as another 72 fury that is now in europe. my roof holes all looked the same as yours, including that attenna hole in the center of the roof toward the back. my car as well was an original dual spot light car, with AC, Cruise Control, tan interior, high idle lever, Oil Pressure Guage (we're special) and all the same options yours had except I don't think mine had the ticket light. My headliner was decent when I get the car just a few rips, but no ticket light whole. I don't believe my car had a stereo, 2nd owner put an 8 track in it which I still have. IDK if colorado ever used salt because my car was very solid as well, just some floor pan rust from a leaking windsheild, and rear quarter was hit and shotty repair. I never could find any kind of agency shop number on the car until one day when I removed the drivers door card on the very top (opposite the door lock pull tab) a sticker had faded into the vinyl and the number was 93. check the top of your drivers door card. My car was slatted for the derby in 2013, until someone saved it (no engine or trans) and they rebuilt the rear end. The car was then passed along in the police car hobby, and the previous owner put in a rebuilt 440 71 motor, and it came with a HP rebuilt transmission 727.

72 fury at the capitol.jpg
capitol 429 fury traffic car.jpg
CSP 1970 Plymouth Fury Coupe.jpg
CSP 1972 Plymouth Fury 1.jpg
Its been hard to keep quite on this thread since a year ago (actually the same day I picked up the Florida PK41U cop car) I picked up my own '71 CSP 2dr from a facebook friend. I finally had it shipped to NY 2 weeks ago. Bought as I figured its the next best thing to a SFGT only to find my SFGT a month later lol.

Anyways here is my twin to @robio PE21T. Built 80 VINs/VONs apart!!





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