1972 Y2 New Yorker Survivor


Sep 25, 2011
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Lancaster, PA
Greetings C body fans. I thought that I would introduce myself and our family's New Yorker. My father was a Mopar man since his first car. My older brother and I caught the Mopar bug early on. I am restoring my first car, a 1970 Duster 340:
Finally getting to it!!! 1970 Duster 340
and my brother has a 1967 Barracuda notch waiting in the wings for a restoration.

My father purchased this 1972 New Yorker in 1973. The car has been in our family and garaged since that time. Dad passed away in 1983. Early on, my mother would take the car out for occasional drives but as time passed it sat in her garage without going out on the road. My mother has kept the car as a reminder of dad.

I have a break in the action as the Duster is currently in the body shop having work done. I decided to get the Chrysler road worthy and spruce up the old girl. I did have the carburetor restored by Scott Smith at Harm's about 5 years ago. His work is excellent and I can't say enough about his detail of restoration. Fluids were replaced and vital components checked.

Last weekend, I purchased a new battery and fired up the old girl. The 440 started without any problems. No lifter noises and only a little smoke until the engine warmed up. My dad ran Mobil 1 in the engine from the first time he changed oil. The alternator has a bearing issue and wasn't charging so it is off to be repaired.

I intend to keep the car as a survivor. She is wearing her original paint complete wit few stone chips and dings. I washed and buffed the paint and I'm surprised how good she looks. I would like to touch up the chips and blend them in with the rest of the paint. The rear quarters are in need of work. I will remove the rusted metal and weld in some new steel.

The front suspension has a lot of slop in it. I will have the alignment and components check. The steering box might need some adjustment. The cloth interior is perfect but the upholstery needs a good cleaning. This a bare bones New Yorker without many options. Not much monetary value but priceless in sentimental value.
Great car. New Yorker sedans are rare every year they were available (up to 1975).
:welcome: ....don't touch the paint, metal or anything else but the mechanicals if you want her to be considered as a survivor. All part of dad's signature on the car
Thanks commando1. I worked on the car a little bit this weekend. Tracked down the cause of the non-working horn. Somebody pulled the horn relay off of the fuse box and threw it in the glove box. I tested the horns with a direct wire to the battery and they worked. Looked at the fuse box and i thought that the circuit breaker installed on the upper left was the horn relay. It tested fine. I then decided to dig through the glove box. Found a bunch of light bubs and...... the horn relay!! Plugged it in and we are back in business TOOT, TOOT.
I read your Duster post, some awesome work by you on the parts. Sorry to hear about your previous body shop woes but glad to see it's back on track. You need to keep us updated on this car.
Very nice! Welcome to the site from the Motor City!
Thanks for the replies. Work is moving along on my Duster. Stopped by the body shop yesterday. Bankruptcy proceedings are also moving ahead on the first body man. I hope to recover some money from him but I'm sure that It will be pennies on the dollar.
I intend to keep the paint original on the New Yorker. I will need to repaint the lower rear quarters after I repair the metal. I would also like to spot touch up some of the stone chips and try to cover up some of the dark primer that shows through.
Welcome nice car nice house nice story! I still have my Dad's 78 Cordoba but unlike yours it's a basket case :( but someday....
Tested the alternator and found that it wasn't charging. I removed it last week and dropped it off at a local alternator shop. I believe that the bearings are going out as well. Told the shop to clean up the alternator but keep the "patina" I have good success with this shop......excellent work at a reasonable price.