SOLD 1973 imperial for sale

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May 17, 2015
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This is a car I bought several years ago with hopes and dreams, but parts are too scarce as is time and space.
This ultimate battleship runs drives and stops.
Looks like a rebuilt 727 that doesn’t leak, drops right into reverse instantly ( I generally always warm up in neutral) but this is a good sign of a healthy trans as the seals are good.
Forged crank 440
Complete except radio, rock solid front sub, reasonably clean underneath aside from front floor from a leaky windshield or plugged floor vents.
Front rotors are hooped. If your looking at this ad you probably know they are huge pain to track down but I see a thread of perhaps fitting a Buick rotor on.
Rear drums look pretty new.
ATC doesn’t work, guy I bought it from said he had just had the controller changed a few years before. I can hear a vacuum leak under the dash so perhaps that my be the root of all evil.
Has an older (20 years ago) paint job. Needs redoing but I’m pretty sure this could make an awesome donor car for someone.
I am asking $3000 Canadian for it.
Demo derby guys would happily pay more for it then that.
Located just north of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.
Oh yea and it need a vinyl top










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Wow! That is the best color of blue as well. Looks pretty sweet and priced right.
What part of Canada? @lbone ? I am quite unfamiliar with Canada.
Got it. 20 hours. Will look at other threads that talk about importing.
Check for bondo, it has been repainted. Front inside of hood, tops of fenders, lower fenders and quarter panels, etc...
But it's a complete original looking car, has the original master cylinder, cruise servo.
It has been redone a long time ago and it had lower 1/4 patches done. starting to blow out over left wheel and at dog leg on both sides very common spots. trunk floor is very clean, left and right rear doors have holes weirdly enough. rockers and front doors are good, very small perforation coming through on front fenders.
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