3.7 V6 Creamy Oil at rear of Valve Cover & Misfires with DTCs

Just curiosity, is this a common issue with these engines? I don't know if it's the same engine but I remember the Jeep JK ('07-11) V6 having some common major issues.
Hi Big Blue,
some of the better mechanics with modern engines may be able to answer your question.

I will say this: I posted the same problem on the www.nitroforumz.com website. 29 people viewed it. No one responded. That website was in heavy use 5 years ago when I bought the Nitro. It is in very light use now and I don't see another Nitro forum that is replaced it. It may say something about the longevity of the Dodge Nitro.

OTOH, My wife has put basically 70,000 trouble-free miles on our Nitro, only to have this surprise happen. The engine was made in Detroit and the truck was made at the Jeep plant in Toledo Ohio. If it is a problem, we only have Chrysler USA to blame.

However, it is not mentioned in common problems with the 3.7 in the following article
The 4 Most Common Dodge 3.7L V6 PowerTech Engine Problems
The 3.7 V6 and 4.7 V8 are the same engine family, I have seen broken valve springs on both engines, I have had bad valve seats on both engines. I have heard of cracked heads, but have yet to see one or have one in for a bad head gasket.
I almost forgot, my sons buddy had a Dakota with a 4.7 and a rocker popped off the lifter, I pulled the valve cover, found it and put the rocker back in place. It ran good until he sold it.
The damage for head gasket replace and machine shop work.
A hell of a lot less than buying another vehicle.
No fuel injection issues. Check engine light is gone.
Thanks for the attachment. Glad everything's back to normal for a good while longer.

Sometimes a daily driver must simply be viewed as a tool.

One way to view repairs like this:
If you saw the car sitting for sale at the price of the repair, would you buy it? (apparently the answer was yes)
23000 miles later the truck runs fine.
My wife still uses it daily and it's reliable.
Compared to newer vehicles, maintenance is far simpler
Body and chassis are still in great shape.
$2139 for a simple repair on a truck I like or $25000+ to buy another vehicle ... no brainer