Valve cover plug off question


I've always loved finned covers, got a set on my Newport. Also found a matching air cleaner lid that matched, painted between the fins & the block to match the body color. I got around the extra grommet hole with a push in breather and used the screw in plug with a chromed fill cap on the one side with the PCV on the other side. (Mine came with both holes open, curse of buying used).

You can polish them yourself to a chrome like luster with extreme high grit sandpaper. I started with 1000, then 2000, then 2500 before digging out Mother's Mag Polish wadding. Hours and hours of hand rubbing but wow do they ever shine. But because they are aluminum, they need wax or routine maintenance to keep their shine. Engine heat & oxidation will dull them over time. Shame these aren't made anymore, they look awesome.
Congrats on the engagement pal! You guys make a good looking couple to say the least. I love being married, it’s great when you find THE one.
Congratulations on the engagement!

Perhaps a ‘Just Married’ sign on the back of your Mopar as you two drive off on your honeymoon together.