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May 3, 2023
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For the last month ive been doing a so called shade tree rebuild on my 318 (bearings, pistons, cam, timing set, lifters) and i was wonfering if there is some simple **** i could have missed before i get this engine back in to her resting spot for the time being. Im a novice but i do all of my work myself and have a good knowledge of engine and how to take apart and put stuff back together. I already noticed one thing i messed up that will be fixed promptly and that was, I put the rocker shafts in upsidedown. just for some further info i have put a bigger cam in and have not redone heads cause they are in decent shape, i did however rehone the cylinders and new rings with the pistons. Anywho any assistance and pictures of the engine mount would be appreciated and any other info i might have maybe missed would be awesome.

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One Small Point I Will Mention Only Because You Have Stated That You are a Novice.
I Once Bought a Burnt Out 68 383 at Auction.
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You have Done the Wise Thing By Asking for Help Before Any Problems Arise.
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My question would be if your pushrods and/or rockers will allow for the new height of your cam. They aren't adjustable. If the cam is too tall for the rest of the valve train, you're going to be buying more new parts. Also, a new oil pump won't hurt. They are cheap too.
Use a quality break in oil or you will wipe out the cam. Joe Gibbs Driven, Brad Penn/Penn Grade there are others also. We did a cam a month ago in a 69 Camaro with 15w40 and zinc additive, it wiped a lobe just after break in.