5th Annual C Body Show

Now that our annual show has come & gone, I’d like to thank everybody for making it out to the Illinois Railway Museum over the weekend for the 5th annual C Body Show.

The registrations for the event were still being received up until the day before the show when the final two cars signed up; 2 1970 Chrysler 300 convertibles. I had been watching the weather all week and thought it was going to be a total wash out, but near the time the rain had moved out around 11am, there were 22 C bodies that had arrived. I know everyone was just as happy as I was when it had finally stopped raining.

When I got there in the morning, two of the attendees who had driven the #1 & #2 furthest distance to the show, @HWYCRZR and @Stanj , arrived shortly afterwards. Both chipped in to help me & my daughter put up the registration tents and tables. My daughter was behind the wheel of the 69 Imperial this weekend to & from the show. It was her first time behind the wheel of this car, but I trust her driving and also know she likes driving these big ole’ cars as much as I do.

The parking location change made by the IRM a few days before the show, actually worked out better for our group. Not only was there easier access for us to enter and leave the show, the area would have easily been able to handle the 50 cars as seen in Post #167 by @King Hooter. Had the weather not kept so many away, this would’ve been our largest C Body show event to date.

The management from Illinois Railway Museum has been great to work with and were very accommodating, making sure their employees helped with the logistics on Saturday. Later in the day the president of the IRM drove over in a golf cart to ask if all went well, and graciously mentioned we would be welcomed back next year if we liked. Without hesitation, I said we would be glad to be their guest for our car show next year. (Posting for the next show date in 2022 in be in January)

Again, I’d like thank everyone for keeping this annual tradition going, and for the support given annually to keep our little show alive and growing.

I took a bunch of pics in no particular order, beginning with the day before when Marty stopped over at the shop….
Thanks again @sixpkrt Tim.
Made it home with no issues. Right at 1,509 miles round trip. Overall gas mileage 14.5mpg. I don’t know that I really ever dropped below 75 mph on the interstate. Most of the time I was pushing 80 plus.
Time to clean the car.
This door prize will come in handy.
Thanks again for a great show and was great to meet everyone.
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what engine? 383?
Thanks Tim for all the hard work you put in getting things arranged, it was a great time like every year!
First a big thank you to Tim For all your efforts in putting together this your 5th annual show. You always find a first class facility. In spite of the threat of inclement weather the afternoon cleared for a great day of diverse selection of C bodies. It was good to see new first time attendees. Thank you for the recognition plaque, quite humbling for me, totally unexpected. For those unable to attend see photos below.






You should get the long distance award!
2019 We did 750 one way!
Had you calculated your MPG yet?
383 2bbl should be pushing 18-20 MPG

I'm making a point to go in '22, and for me, it's an 834-mile shot, one-way! Ha!

And what is the story on that '64 Imperial with the CH roundel on the bumper (Switzerland)? Liking that a lot!

Nice turnout. Looks like you all had a great time. I'm going to take my Imperial convertible for a nice, long excursion to Illinois next year. I have cousins that live less than an hour away from the venue.
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I am trying to figure out a plan to work through this trip into Carlisle next year. Come to this show, find a place to park my car for the week and a half, fly home, and then fly back for the drive to Carlisle. Would knock about 1,200 miles off. Just thinking so far.
Not sure I have it in me to do both within two weeks of each other.
Anybody up for comparing the length of their dipstick next weekend? :wideyed:

No I really mean dipstick. My ‘68 383 2bbl has an extra mark between add and full. When you change oil and add in the proper amount it is always to the middle stamped line. If you add oil to the full mark, at the end of a long trip it goes down to that line and stays. It will never go below that between oil changes. At some time in its life dad must have replaced the dipstick with another and re-marked the full line. I would like to check other examples. Maybe my dipstick is longer than everyone else’s.

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Nothing like a good ol' dipstick measuring contest. At least it makes sense when both contenders have dipsticks.