63 Imperial Sheet metal panels ?

Love Shack

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Aug 22, 2014
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Lake Mills, Wisconsin
I have a 63 Crown coupe sitting in my garage. I bought it when I was 30 and jokingly called it my 'retirement project'. Now, 25 years later, it doesn't seem so funny. Anyway, does anyone make patch panels for the rear quarters, or am I going to have to talk to the guy who pounds out suits of armor for those renaissance reenactment fans? As far as pics go, its buried in the corner (63's are my favorite, after the 1932 models of course). I also have that 43,000 mile 70 Newport Conv. that's been in the family since '71 and I promise to post pics of that when it gets warm out.

Thanks Guys!

Very much looking forward to pictures and welcome to the site from the Motor City! If I haven't already done so.
There's junk panels out there... but nobody makes good panels.