'67 Fury III Sport restore or restomod

We get a few of these threads per year.
'Bought my first C-body, don't know anything about them, and want to treat it all apart, remove the fabulous factory suspension's engineering, and turn this car into something it's not (nor will ever be).' Then the main question is 'tell me everything I need to know to do all of this?'

The factory suspension is far superior to anything available back then. Other companies used leafsprings, but nobody optimized them like Chrysler did.
The torsion bars are also an extremely good system.
You best bet is to peruse FirmFeel and see what's available and what that costs. X3 in cost to retrofit something else that likely won't work much better, if at all.

Most resto-mods are are not worth the cost to build them (as far as the inevitable resale).
Without seeing pics of the car, you might be poised to destroy a really nice old car.
Well you have to start somewhere... The more people interested the more customers the parts maker have the longer they keep making parts, seems like a good problem for the forums lol.

From what I've gathered from everyone who have shared their knowledge, putting in coilovers just won't be worth the cost. And could actually make it worse. I think Big John said it best, getting it running and enjoy driving it as it is before I start to modify it. This car is matching numbers and in great shape. so I am hesitant to change anything. It will need a new tank, fuel lines, breaks, at least. And if I do the breaks I'm converting it to disk. As of now that's the only modification planned. Then I'll look into FirmFeel and other suspension upgrades.

I'll post up some pictures next week. The car is in my garage and I won't be out there until this weekend. It's been in indoor storage since 1997. I'm excited to work on it.
long over due photo. just moved. got a couple house projects to finish up before I can start. should be able to start by the end of summer.

If you want a resto mod and Performance you are starting with the wrong car. Too much tonnage there. Get a fox body mustang or a 63 nova.
I have a 67 Fury & you're never going to make it handle well & your'e also destroying a survivor car it sounds like. Get yourself a Duster or Dart or something lighter. I also have a 22 Challenger & while it handles well for what is it it has the same drawback HEAVY - it will never "carve corners"....
Can you please clarify what is meant by this? Thanks!
The complete vehicle aftermarket parts situation is built around sales volume of the parts they sell. When they buy new batches of parts, they position the number of parts they order by past sales and future sales projections. When sales consistently drop below a certain number, "phase-out" starts. No new parts are ordered and the part number is removed from the catalogs. No different than any other retail business. Keeping things in stock that sell rather than sit on the shelves.

The orientation of Scarebird is neat, but subject to these things. Over the ten years since I found that website, this has already happened several times.