72 Fury overflow tank?


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Sep 17, 2018
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Orange County California
I've got a 360 motor, all original car. Just under the radiator cap there is a small tube that goes straight down and once warm, coolant hits the ground.... I figure the right thing to do is add an overflow tank? How big? Where? Does the type of cap matter? Is it possible I have a bad cap? Thank you.
Theoretically, no coolant should leak there. This pipe is only there to drain the coolant when the pressure in the cooling system becomes higher than the radiator cap should hold. It could be that your cap opens too early or that you really have too much pressure on the system. Check what opening pressure you have on the cap. With a suitable adapter you can check if it does not open too early.
Sounds like you've overfilled your radiator and it's getting rid of the excess when warming up?
Ensuring the coolant level is correct and pressure testing the cap are good ideas.

You can use 1973 parts if you can find them. This is the first year that a reservoir became standard. Some 1972s use a reservoir if it is equipped with trailer towing.
I used generic from Advance Auto. No special cap. Not pressurized. Hose connection at bottom of reservoir.
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