For Sale 72 NYB in New Jersey (4dr hardtop; EW1 white, T5 tan vinyl interior, V1T tan top)

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Jan 30, 2012
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Not mine. CS43T2C268554 has been for sale on FB I Toms River, NJ for a number of weeks -- always at the same asking price of $6.5k. AFAICT, no one has posted about this car. She looks like she deserves to be saved (though the price seems optimistic given she needs some work: new top, fix the lower quarters, fix the A/C, and probably replace the rear springs to fix the sag).

She is from NJ, with some rust in the RHS lower quarter and some surface rust. The best part seems to be the interior (no rips/tears/discolorations that I can see), plus she is claimed to have under 80k miles.

CS: Chrysler Special (New Yorker Brougham)
43: 4 Door Hardtop

T: 440 cid 4 barrel V8
2: 1972
C: Jefferson Avenue, MI, USA

268554: Sequence number

E85: 440 cid 4 barrel V8
D34: Automatic Transmission
EW1: Dower White Exterior Color
H5T5: Trim - High, Cloth/Vinyl Bucket Seats, Tan
HT8: Dark Tan Poly Int. Door Frames
502: Build Date: May 02
313227: Order number

V1T: Full Vinyl Top, Tan
H53: ATC (AutoTemp II)
R35: AM/FM Stereo Radio (10 Watts)
L35: Cornering Lamps

M45: Fender Skirts
P31: Power Windows

V5T: Body-side Moulding w. Vinyl Inserts, Tan
G11: Tinted Glass (all)
V7T: Accent Stripes, Tan

R32: Dual Rear Speakers










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Here are a few more pics. The H5T5 tan vinyl interior seems very nice: notice that the rimblow wheel is slightly discolored where hands come to rest but is not cracked; in the same vein, there is one discoloration in the RHS top rear seat but there are no rips or tears anywhere that I can see in the seats (with the possible exception of a patch on the right lower side of the driver's seat). All in all, this NYB looks like an honest car, honestly described, that was respected by her owner and deserves to be saved (assuming the underside is not rusted out).

Here is the text from the ad: "1972 New Yorker Brougham 4 dr. HT, runs excellent, some rust through on rear 1/4 panels, vinyl top needs replacement, a/c not working - located in Toms river , N.J."




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Well it certainly is worthy of saving it and I always try to some reservation when it comes to price.

But I can't see it in resto any time soon. The price will keep it safe from the derby guys, and probably safe from anybody else also.
I would put it at about 1000$...
Definitely NOT a 6500$ car......
Decent amount of rust, needing a top, A/C ka-put...
And you know damn well it needs brakes and tires....
$1k only? On what planet?! Even if the underside were shot, it’d still be a 1.5-2k car. And if the underside is solid, then I’d happily pay twice that (provided records are there) if I liked the color.
It's hard to peg a number. 1k is no brainer derby car money. But so is 2k with this example. Dude will sell interior, glass and motor 1- 1.2k.
At $3500. It would probably sit on my local craigs forever. Most people don't know about FCBO.

Not that the desireabilty is comparable but a several years ago I bought a 73 Toronado for $1300. Sight unseen. A buddy negotiated from $1500 at PDX swap meet. It was one owner. A man in his 90's drove it up there from Salem. All the doc's were in the glove box including the original receipt. He took delivery 16 days after I was born.
It ran rough from sitting but I tuned it. New tires and shocks and one axle after I wasted the cv boot with a pressure washer. Drove it absolutley everywhere for two years. Towed a motorcycle trailer everywhere. People always asked me "Is that a Toronado?" Yep! "Is it front wheel drive?" Yep!
It was at least a fair quality comparison to this NYB, except you could have turned the key and towed 3 motorcycles to Key West from Oregon.

I couldn't sell it. Derby guys don't run them thankfully, I would have loved to keep the parts. But could not part it. Hell, I still want the whole car. But I can't keep them all. I lowered it down until it finally sold for 1k. I took the new owner for an 80mph blast down the freeway.

They pulled the motor for a speed boat and I seen the roller back on craigs.
I would have honestly rather have given it to somebody that wanted it. Nobody wanted it. Only me. Man my wife hated it.
Here is a pic from the listing . Doc's never left the glovebox, wheel covers in the trunk.
$1k only? On what planet?! Even if the underside were shot, it’d still be a 1.5-2k car. And if the underside is solid, then I’d happily pay twice that (provided records are there) if I liked the color.

You may disagree all you want.. NO one in their right mind would pay
very much for that car and actually bring it back to nice condition...
How much for a top? How much to fix rust? How much for paint?
How much will is cost to fix A/C that has been in-op for how long ?

Look at similar cars on this site for last couple years...
They do NOT sell or sell for 1000/1500$ neighborhood..
YOU yourself have posted numerous times,,
" That car has been for sale for five/ten/whenever years"...
Why are they for sale for so long.....
Because NO one will pay much for them...
@Xenon, I agree that $6.5k is too high, but I respectfully disagree that the price should be $1k. Seriously? It's worth, IMHO, at least the standard FCBO price of $2,500.

Floor: To put a floor on value, just with the derby/engine/glass//interior parts we're at $1.5-2k (as @Rustyrodknocker has spelled out). Does the car get restored at that price? It depends on whether a derby guy gets the car vs. if one of us gets lucky. But, at that price, it'd have sold already: I'd gotten the car myself without hesitation as soon as I saw the ad AND brought it back to nice condition.

Ceiling: Should the price be $6.5k? Clearly not, I agree -- otherwise it'd have sold. IMHO, a great recent benchmark for 1972 Chrysler 4dr hardtops is a GY8 that sold last October for $7.4k. Like the present white NYB, that gold car's value was pulled down by a non-working H53 ATCII. Unlike this EW1, though, it also needed a mechanical go-over and tires after sitting for years: in contrast, this white car is said to "run excellent." At the same time, the metal and paint of the GY8 were spotless whereas this one is not and it needs a top.

I know for a fact that there were at least three people interested in that GY8 at $7k. That number includes myself and another member, who put $7k+ on the line, and the buyer who outbid us both. The sale was real, i.e., the buyer was not a fake: the seller had agreed to contact me if the deal had fallen through.

So, let us assume for the sake of argument that an EW1 white/vinyl tan interior/tan top NYB is as desirable as a GY gold/gold cloth/gold top NYB. How do you trade off the mechanical work on the GY8 vs. the need for body work and top on the EW1? I'd venture that, at $3.5-4k, the car would sell and for about $6.5k in total someone would have a very nice ride.

PS: in terms of hardtop value, it is hard to beat a 1971 GT8 Newport that sold this past winter for $4k and needed absolutely nothing to be enjoyed.
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