WANTED Are there power seat rebuild services?

Isaiah Estrada

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Jan 20, 2020
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Santa Maria, CA
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Welcome to another episode of trying to get this car on the road... I've decided to take some more time and fine tune the last things I need done for the 68 to finally hit the road. We are getting there, a little at a time - but ever so closer. I got lucky, and scored 2 1966 Chrysler 300 bucket seats last year. I am a huge fan of the clam shell look on these. BOTH passenger and driver's seat are 6 way power seats. They are inop at the moment, and rather than me mess anything up - I'd like to see if there is even a rebuild service to send the seat bases out? Or, if anyone has some in clean working condition I may be interested in purchasing those as well... I can't drive the car with the seats stuck in the position they're in now. They're like all the way up and forward! I'm too tall for that and I definitely couldn't drive like that